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Snooker Crazy - 12 Reds Challenge

12 Reds Challenge

The 12 Reds Challenge is a great exercise for touch, feel and position. The objective is to pot all 12 reds with the least amount of shots.

It looks easy but within a couple of shots it’s easy to lose balls to the side cushion and then it’s all about damage limitation!

Setting the exercise up

12 reds challenge:

  • Place 2 reds over each pocket
  • Make sure they are touching each other
  • If you draw a line through the centre of each red it should point toward the centre of the pocket
  • You can start the exercise by placing the white wherever you want

Initial exercise suggestions

12 reds challenge:

  • If you strike the cue ball too hard the you will pot the closest red to the pocket but chances are the first red will move away from the pocket and increase your shot count
  • If after potting a red you can canon another red into the pocket with the white (in different pocket) you will save shots
  • Keeping the white of the cushion will allow a better choice of shots

Other points to consider

12 reds challenge:

You need to try this exercise a few times to see what can quickly go wrong by playing certain shots.

Stroking the cue ball around at a slow to medium pace will help you keep the balls near the pocket, especially if you strike them in the line directly to the centre of the pocket.

Don’t forget to record your scores so you can keep an eye on your progress with each exercise and how fast you are improving.


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