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Taylor Made Snooker Cues

Taylor Made Snooker Cue Range 4

When striking the cue ball you need to be confidence that the shaft is rigid enough to deliver a solid strike and many of the ‘Whippy’ shafts in similar ranges on offer to us just didn’t stand up to this test. The fact that Gary can put aside hundreds of cues for months to go […]

What do I need to think about when buying a cue?

Snooker Crazy Handmade Snooker Pool Cues

Well, I hoped you enjoyed this little insight into cue buying. It’s better to be armed with a few more thoughts as too many players just pick one of the rack and buy on what the butt looks like. We have many articles on ‘Tip shapes’ and other various topics sp why not take a […]

Snooker Cue Repair

Snooker Cue Repair 14

The pictures weren’t the greatest here but you get the general idea of what was completed and what can be done with some cue repairs.  What should we learn from this? Never, ever lend your cue to anyone unless you accept there is a potential for damage. I have learned this from personal experience. I […]

Cue Tip Shapes

Cue Tip Shapes - Kyren Wilson Damaged Tip

Professional Tip Shape 1     Jamie Jones Professional Tip Shape 2     Ding Junhui Professional Tip Shape 3     Jack Lisowski Professional Tip Shape 4     Barry Hawkins Professional Tip Shape 5     Lyu Haotian Professional Tip Shape 6     Stuart Bingham Professional Tip Shape 7     Stephen […]

Handmade Snooker Cues

Handmade snooker cues 3 - Snooker Crazy

Handmade Snooker Cues Well, before we get started I guess it’s best to ask the question, “What are handmade snooker cues?” We will take a look at some of the questions being raised regarding “Handmade snooker cues” as technology improves and competition increases from overseas cue makers. Go straight to our hand made cues collection. […]

How to clean your cue shaft

How to clean your cue shaft

Newspaper or Paper Towel Duster Microfibre Towel Baby Wipes The Glove In Conclusion Well I hope this has given you some thoughts around how to clean your cue shaft. One more little tip I learned which i’m sure some will disagree with. Do not clean your cue shaft with steel wool after each session even […]

Thailand Snooker Cue Range

Thailand Snooker Cue Range 14

  Ash   Exotic Woods   Order to size?   Exotics are Cheap?   Splicing Ebony   Ash Cue Blanks   Splicing   Fine Tuning those Splices   Splicing   Are the Cues Finished Yet?   Finishing in the UK Well I hope this article has given you a little insight as to the origin […]