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Cue Ball Control


Cue Ball Control

This is a nice little exercise to show how the cue ball reacts after it has struck the object ball. It’s path is dependent on where you place the tip on the cue ball whilst playing a normal cue stroke.

Experimenting by striking the cue ball at different heights down the centre line of the cue ball will help you to realise how much the cue ball will move forward, backwards or even stop where the object ball is after striking it.

For the beginner, you should practice this until you are happy you know how the cue ball will react with the various positions down the centre vertical line.

Setting the exercise up

Cue Ball Control:

  • To start, imagine 5 positions on a vertical line down the centre of the cue ball.
    • Top of cue ball
    • 1cm above centre of cue ball
    • Centre of cue ball
    • 1cm below centre of cue ball
    • Base of cue ball
  • Place the blue ball on the blue spot
  • Place the cue ball about 10 inches (250mm) from the blue ball on a direct line to the middle pocket
  • Play a normal shot to pot the blue ball into the middle pocket
  • Try 5 shots at each position and take note of what happens to the cue ball
  • Ensure you push your cue tip nicely through the cue ball (nothing jabby!!)

Initial exercise suggestions

Cue Ball Control:

  • Keep your arm and grip loose
  • Ensure you push through the cue ball fully
  • Keep your cue as straight as possible whilst playing the shot

Other points to consider

Cue Ball Control:

  • A well struck shot with straight cueing and ‘top’ will see the cue ball follow the blue ball into the same pocket
  • A well struck shot with straight cueing and ‘bottom’ will see the cue ball screw back and go into the opposite pocket to the blue ball

When you feel confident at this exercise, introduce more positions on the vertical line as this will help you understand what small adjustments can do to the cue ball finish position and a little more knowledge about cue ball control.


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