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Cut Tip Press

Well there are many types of cue tip press but for me, this is by far the simplest of them all providing great snooker tip results.

You can spend a small fortune on cue tip presses that provide compression measures for the more engineering techies that require it but is it as difficult as that?

Considering the rate of change that a snooker tip goes through in it’s short life cycle it’s not an exact science, find out what’s right for you personally and stick to it.

Admittedly there’s a little experimentation required for you to ensure you replicate the same snooker tip for yourself each time you need a replacement. But, it’s really not that difficult if you are prepared to invest a small amount of time to understand what you want in an all round tip

For the sake of this article we are just going to quickly explain the two types of this particular cue tip press and the small difference.

So, what are the two types of cue tip press we recommend and what do they look like?

snooker-crazy-cue tip press-drive-and-chamber

Cue Tip Press Drive and Chamber

Both cue tip presses (domed and flat) and their chambers basically look the same when you take a look form the outside. Now this causes a problem when you come to purchase one as you are totally reliant on the description or pictures which don’t always give you too much of a clue. As you can see in the picture the threaded male part is the drive section which screws into the opposite chamber.

snooker-crazy-cue tip press-drive

Cue Tip Press Drive

As you can see in the picture, this drive has a completely flat face. The flat face is the part that fits onto the base of the snooker tip (the bit you stick to your ferrule). You can see the threaded section of the drive which winds into the chamber, the more you wind it in, the more the tip compresses.

snooker-crazy-cue tip press-dome-chamber

Cue Tip Press – Dome Chamber

It’s a difficult one to see this but the base of this chamber is domed. The dome part is where your snooker tip is placed domed side down and as central as possible. Even if you place a flat tip in this press, after compression, it will will deliver a dome shaped tip if you compress the cue tip enough.

snooker-crazy-flat-cue tip press

Cue Tip Press – Flat Chamber

This base is a little easier to see as the base of the chamber is completely flat. So, with a flat base in the chamber and a flat drive mechanism you are definitely going to get two flat faces on your tip after compression. Now this does mean that you are going to have to completely shape the tip after compression to get the snooker tip shape you want. Many people purchase the the flat cue tip compressor by mistake as they thought they were all domed or the description is poor.

snooker-crazy-domed cue tip press

Cue Tip Press – With a tip in it!

Just a little tip (excuse the pun!). When you place your snooker tip in the domed press, ensure you get it completely central. If the snooker tip isn’t central then there’s a good chance you will compress one side more than the other and you’ll end up with an uneven tip

Obviously we haven’t gone too deeply into the operation of a cue tip press but we have written a further article to show compression rates and what effect it has on cue tip sizes and hardness. If you would like to view our cue tip replacement equipment then please click here.

If you would like to take a look at our cut tips then you can also click here.

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snooker-crazy- Domed Cue Tip Press

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Product Details

Snooker Crazy – Domed Cue Tip Press

– Stainless steel
– Size (L and W) Approx. 4.92×2.17 inch / 12.5×5.5 cm
– Dome size: 11mm / Chamber size: 14.5mm
– Detachable screw-in metal tube, easy to control

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