Training Exercises

cueing over snooker spots

Cueing Over Spots

Running the cue ball down the centre spots is a great indicator as to whether or not you are cueing straight.

Before you you build a whole host of training exercises, this is one of the basics required to ensure you are cueing the middle of the cueball and sending it down the line you intend it to go.

There are lots of exercises you can use to check straight cueing and this is one of the more basic ones that quickly gives decent feedback.

Setting the exercise up

Cueing Over Spots:

  • Place the white ball the brown spot
  • Place the black ball in line with the black, pink, blue and brown spots but on the rail directly behind the black spot.

Initial exercise suggestions

Cueing Over Spots:

  • Ensure your cue tip is in the centre of the cue ball
  • Aim down the centre of the table, over the spots and directly at the black
  • Cue the ball with enough speed to come back up the table and reach the baulk cushion
  • Once you have cued the white ball, stay in place with your cue motionless as we want to see if the white comes back up the table and centres itself back on your tip.
  • If you are putting any unintentional side on the ball by not cueing in the middle of the ball or cueing across the ball then the white will not come back to your cue tip exactly where it started.

Other points to consider

Cueing Over Spots:

This is a nice exercise to help the player understand if they are sending the ball in the exact direction they are aiming at. Try not to hit the ball too hard and try not to hit it too soft or it may run off naturally with the nap on the table.


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