Cuestars Academy Snooker App

John Hunter Cuestars App

Cuestars Academy Snooker App

For those that don’t know, John Hunter is a World Snooker Qualified Coach with over 30 years experience. In this time, John has been teaching and running Cuestars, a grass roots snooker scheme built around taking players of any standard through the various coaching levels in preparation to enjoy at a higher level or God willing, a ticket into the professional ranks.

Over the years John has devised many practice routines and after much hard work, has decided to share these great routines with snooker players using this handy app. No matter where you are you will now have a set of practice routines on your phone that will not only provide you with what to practice, but also you’ll be able to score progress.

It’s a wonderful idea that will help the ambitious players fast track positive progress and improvement as a player.



Lessons are linked to YouTube videos and various routines to help progress the skills of each player. There are 7 standard levels helping the beginner to 50 break standard players and then 7 more advanced levels for the half century players and above.

On your journey through the levels, you can keep track of progress by entering your scores onto a leader board; coaches can also manage players progress by entering them for players they are coaching.

You are most welcome to try out Level Three (Click here).


All of the practice challenges are split into 3 main categories:

  • Break building
  • Potting
  • Safety

Some routines are whats known as crossover routines which means they are suitable for all standards of player.

For members who have purchased the app, they can submit their best practice challenge scores of the season so a rating can be calculated.

You are welcome to view the Break Building Practice Challenges (Click here).


All together there are eight line up routines for you to practice your skills. Each of the various routines have been designed to test cue ball control skills with a view to progression and measured improvement.

Again, we follow the theme of recording progress because we want skills to be improved so App members are invited to once again submit their best scores of the season for the Line Ups 1000 challenge.

Please feel free to take a look at the Line Ups 1000 challenge scores – (Click here).


Well we all know we love this game so John has put together some great quizzes to test our snooker knowledge.

The questions can test you on anything from professional player facts to rules of the game so be prepared, there are a few surprises so see how you get on. We know by taking the test you will obtain many useful hints and tips on choosing the right shot to help improve your game.

So, what are you waiting for. Jump in now and start benefiting right away. At the very least you can impress your snooker friends with your new found knowledge of the game!

Click the red link below to start taking the test and work your way through the colours as you progress:



If you would like the full use of the Academy Levels, Practice Challenges and Line Up routines.

Enjoy access to the Members Area where you can benefit from:

  • Create a Player profile page
  • Record your practice match results and chart performance
  • Enter your Practice Challenge scores to measure progress

Then why not register (Click here) today and get started, it’s only £5 / season.

This is a fantastic app which can’t fail to help players of all standard and just to be clear, we at Snooker Crazy are promoting it as it’s a great opportunity to improve your game so we are glad of John’s input to help grow this game we all love.

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