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WDBS Snooker Player Profile – David Church


WDBS – World Disability Billiards and Snooker

Since it’s formation in 2015, the WDBS certainly hasn’t stood still has continually added event after event to it’s competition calendar.

The WPBS has it’s own Board which is supported by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association. The English Federation of Disability Sport also supports the WDBS with guidance so it is plain to see why the Snooker and Billiards in this section has seen rapid growth in it’s popularity in such a short space of time.

Within the WDBS competition framework, there are 8 classifications which you can see from this link to the WDBS Classification Table.  

Snooker Crazy is keen to join the growing number of businesses and organisations to further raise the profile of such a great new tour so we are making a start by doing a ‘Player Profile’ on one of the well established tour players.


David Church WDBS Snooker Player Profile

Q & A Session

Snooker Crazy has put together a ‘Q & A’ session which gives us a real insight into this inspirational young player on the WDBS Tour and how we can all help support his much needed initiative. 

Player: David Church

Lives in: Norwich
Age: 22
Highest Break: 82
Highest Tournament Break: 62

David’s Cue Spec’s

Make: John Parris
Model: Traditional
Length: 56″
Weight: 18.25 oz
Tip Make: Talisman Trinity Hard
Size: 9.5mm

We asked David what his disability is and how it affects his everyday life.

In David’s words…..

I have Moebius Syndrome and a severe impairment in my right leg due to a car accident in 2013.

I have had Moebius Syndrome since birth which causes facial paralysis and weakened body muscles. I also have no lateral eye movement and I am unable to blink, this causes pain when I am playing snooker for a long time.  Having a severe impairment in my leg means I can’t play certain shots due to weight bearing on the right leg. My balance is also affected so stability on the shot is hard.

I am trying to raise more awareness of the very rare neurological condition which is moebius syndrome.

When did you start playing snooker?

David Church WDBS Pro Snooker Player 2

I started playing snooker when I was 17. My Dad took me to a snooker club and I really enjoyed it but it wasn’t until my car accident that I played snooker properly because I found and still find, it helps with my depression brought on after the car accident.

Who is your favourite player?

My favourite player is Ronnie O’Sullivan because he makes the game look so easy and looks like he plays effortlessly.

Where do you practice and why there?

I practice at Woodside Snooker Centre because the facilities are the best in Norwich and there are very good players and opponents to practice with.

Who is your Snooker Coach?

I am coached by Stephen Feeney.

What are you concentrating on at the moment to improve your game?

I am concentrating on my long game and with hard practice it is improving well.

David Church WDBS Pro Snooker Player Profile 3

What events on the 2018 WDBS Tour are you competing in this year?

I am competing in the following tournaments:

  • The Welsh Open
  • The Open Championship
  • Parris Cues – Champion of Champions

Do you compete in all the WDBS Tour events?

Unfortunately, each tournament costs on average £500 which pays for transport and accommodation so my limited funds are dictating where I can compete and raise awareness of my condition.

Who are your current sponsors?

I very fortunate to be currently sponsored by Woodside Snooker Centre which has enabled me to take part in some of the WDBS Tour events.

What Sponsorship do you need to fulfill the WDBS Tour schedule?

I mainly need a financial sponsor to help me attend the events but I am very happy to discuss any other support available.

What happens when you cannot obtain sponsorship?

Unfortunately, if I cannot find the basic costs myself or through a sponsor then I am unable to compete or attend each event to help raise awareness of my disability. The WDBS is a great platform for raising awareness of Moebius Syndrome as the syndrome is relatively unknown to the general public.

What are the top 3 tips you have for people starting out in the game of snooker?

  1. Enjoy it!
  2. Practice solo.
  3. Believe in your ability.

David Church WDBS Pro Snooker Player 4

Who is the best player you have played against?

That would be former World Professional Snooker Player Barry Pinces when I was 17 and just started playing snooker. He beat me 7-0 at Norwich’s Riley Club and finished and capped it all with a 105 break.

What is your most favourite Tour Event win and why?

David Church WDBS Pro Snooker Player 6

That’s an easy one for me to answer.My most favourite tournament win was the 2017 World Disability Billiards and Snooker Open Championship (group 4 & 5).This will always be my most special tournament win as I won it 4 days after burying my father who was 54.

Snooker Crazy – Our View

Firstly I would like to thank David for sharing his experiences with us both in his snooker and personal life.

David is certainly an inspiration to us all. His decision to devote himself to raising awareness of Moebius Syndrome through snooker has certainly not been an easy one but it is proving to be a successful one on and off the table.

We are keen to promote David in this monumental task so if you can help in any way to support his awareness campaign or provide much needed funds to enable him to attend more WDBS Tour events he would be very keen to discuss it with you.

If you can support David in any way then please do not hesitate to contact this truly inspirational person.

David Church
WDBS Tour Snooker Player
Mobile: 07508 244822

Email: churchyfootymad@hotmail.com