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Lots of emails and questions about the last newsletter so we certainly seem to be getting a response from various parts of the globe! As usual the Century Tips brand seems to be growing with club players and has established itself with many professionals so this week we’ve included a video on how to fit a G3 Century Pro tip. I haven’t done an article on this yet but I would like to mention a friend of mine who has been writing snooker quizzes every day since around March so if you would like to test your knowledge then you can find all the quizzes on our Facebook page (The Snooker Crazy Group), well done John Hunter. 


Cue Maintenance Videos
How do you store your cue?
Majestic Custom Cases Project Progress
What cues do you sell?

Cue Packages, Sin Bin Cues and Reduced Items

Cue Maintenance Videos

How to fit a Century Pro G3 Cue Tip

In this video we take a look at how to fit one of the popular Century Pro Cue Tips. We have opted for the G3 tip as a mid range example of what’s on offer as regards tip hardness. We have a few tip installation videos so you can also subscribe to our channel for further advice if it’s of interest (The button is at the bottom of this newsletter).



Do you look after your cue? Some simple tips below……..

I get many cues back to the workshop for minor pieces of work or tip fitting and every now and again I take a cue out of the customers case and wince for various reasons. My dismay is not limited to new players starting out in the game as some of the worst treatment of cues has come from century breakers, you could cry.

Where do I start!

Do not sand your cue shaft

I find more than a few players still keep their shaft nice and smooth by using sandpaper or steel wool, shoot me now! I reckon it takes around 3 to 5 years for 0000 grit steel wool to thin out the top end of the shaft if the player plays 3 or 4 times a week; if the player is using an abrasive sandpaper then a lot less. 

I sold a cue a while back and within 6 weeks the cue was back as the last 8 inches of the shaft was scratched to pieces (including the ferrule). The oil was gone, the black grain filler was partially gone and I would guess 250 grit was used looking at the scratches; any longer and the cue would have had some major issues.

The player said it just kept sticking. After discussion it hadn’t been cleaned correctly so we discussed a better way! Fortunately, a little love and attention, some grain filler, a couple of coats of oil, a ferrule clean and some burnishing and the cue was super smooth and ready to go.

How do I clean my cue?

For over 30 years I have got a cloth, wet one end and then squeezed all the water out to make it just damp. I start at the ferrule and drag any grime and chalk away from the ferrule down the shaft until I have gone over the whole cue. I immediately turn the cloth around and clean the same area with the dry end of the cloth (microfibre). I leave the cue for about a minute for the remaining dampness to evaporate and the cue will be smooth if done correctly. I can almost hear some cue makers screaming now about water on wood and swelling etc etc. It’s not a wet cloth, it’s a damp one and has been used by many pro’s and makers for years. It was interesting to see this method on the John Parris website recently.

My advice is to wash your hands thoroughly and clean your cue before / after every session. I had a guy last year complain about his cue and how bad it felt compared to mine so wanted it refinished and re-oiled. Whilst he was at the bar I cleaned it for about 2 minutes, he was amazed and asked what magic spray I had used and where was I hiding it, hmm.

Cue damage

Some of the cues that turn up looked like they’ve rolled down a hill on the gravel! It’s easy to see how when I look in the cases. 

  • Cue tip sandpaper not even turned inside out and wrapped around the cue
  • Loose change for the light meter all over the cue case
  • 200 pieces of old chalk in the case and chalk dust everywhere
  • Tip prickers / shapers banging on the tip or butt end
  • Glasses wedged in and scratching the shaft

and so on……………

My advice is to just get a couple of small plastic bags or drawstring felt ring bags off Ebay (really cheap) and pop the loose stuff in there and put it up the opposite to your tip. If you still don’t have enough room then buy a bigger case! Yes, I would put any spare chalk in there to save the dust getting on your cue shaft.

Brass work

Although I don’t recommend steel wool for your shaft I do like it for the brass work. Now there are various ways to keep the brass clean and the most popular seem to be:

  • 0000 Grit Steel Wool
  • Micromesh paper strips
  • Brasso/Duraglit etc

In either case I like to pop some low stick masking tape below the ferrule or joints to protect the wood or tip. Personally I don’t like chemicals so avoid Brasso etc as sometimes there is a bit of uncertainty as to how it affects the wood over time, especially just below the ferrule. I prefer using micromesh where possible starting with around 400 to remove a few scratches and then in the 000’s to shine. I always carry a couple of strips in my case.

When using micromesh strips you have to make sure you cut the strips to the right diameter or you will be burnishing the tip at the same time.

Cue Cases

Last but not least for me is what are you laying your cue on in the case. I’ve seen many where the foam has gone so the cue just rattles in the dust. Most decent cue case makers who use foam also provide replacement foam (aluminium cases). It’s easy to fit so certainly worth a look.

I’m sure you will have encountered a few more concerns and I know a few will disagree with some points above as they have their own way so feel free to ping me an email and I’ll add any tips to the list.


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Majestic Leather Cue Cases

Well, we are a month further in establishing ourselves as well known case makers. At present I am working on putting together a website to show off our work which will be at the following website addresss;
You may be surprised by seeing flowers etc but I have a lot of test photos in there whilst I decide on the best look, it’s slowly getting there! Before you ask, yes, I’m building it as I have completed around 20 websites to date including the Snooker Crazy website so it seems sensible to sort it out myself.

If you go to the gallery section I have put a fair few photo’s up to give you an idea of what I’ve been up to in the workshop. To date we have custom built 7 cases for the website and have another 5 ready to stick and fit to the wooden carcasses so hopefully still on track for a January start, fingers crossed of course.

We have had lots of interest on Instagram and Facebook and most Facebook posts seem to be reaching between 7 and 10 thousand people so I’m very pleased with the start off. Here a few pics of the last one, hope you like the case.

Link to Majestic Cue Cases



What cues do we sell?

We stock around 250 cues at any one times for the website but the focus is normally on our custom made Thai cues and the Taylor Made brand which have become very popular mainly as great value for money. If you don’t find the cue you are looking for on the website you can always ring us as we constantly have cues ready to go up onto the website. 

Here are a few useful links so you can see what in stock.

Here are a few pictures to wet your appetite!

Cue Packages

We are in the process of sorting Xmas stock at the moment so if you are interested in any items then let us know pronto as stocks reduce at a rate of knots toward the end of this month!!

If you are interested in a cue and case deal then as always, we can reduce the package slightly as we only have one postage to pay.

These are already going fast so drop me an email if you are interested so I can give you a current update on stocks.

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Budget Range Cue

Stock Clearout – Sin Bin Cues

Cues dropped by customers on-site over the last 2 years, slight marks or not perfectly straight. Great beginners cues or for kids starting out.

Next Month

Well hopefully you enjoyed a snapshot into our world.

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Next month we hope to bring you some good news on the progression of our custom made leather cue cases but you can also check us out on our Facebook button below if you want a sneak preview of case pics.

See you next month.

Marc Lockley


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