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March 2021


Hello Everyone!

Well, this was the 1 year anniversary of my last visit to a snooker table, sad times indeed.

Obviously we are experiencing a different world at the moment and we can only hope that some normality is on the horizon and we can all get back to picking a cue up and enjoying a few frames with friends.

For me, I have re-tipped and refinished about every cue I can get my hands on to pass the time. I’ve sought out some cues that were fit for the bin and repaired cracks, poor finishes and warps just to clear space in the workshop. Recently I’ve spent a fair bit of time making my own leather conditioners, grain fillers, oils and now a natural new oil / wax batch for players that don’t particularly like a standard oil finish so not all the time has been lost.

Over the years I’ve spent much time mixing oils and waxes to get varied finishes when cues come in. I get lots of requests to sell them but have resisted the temptation up to now as it’s just nice to play in the workshop with the different blends without the pressure of making larger batches; we’ll have to see if I ever give into that one but with the case making project in full flow and have enough to occupy me for now! 

That aside, the hand crafted leather case making project is still moving forward albeit we are awaiting delivery of some new Italian leathers to try out. As you can tell we are not in a mad rush to launch the ‘Majestic Cases’ brand until we are completely happy with fulfilling orders and the turnover of leathers but hopefully as lockdowns reduce we can have more confidence in customs clearance and some other smaller issues.



Cue Maintenance Videos
Majestic Custom Cases Project Progress
What cues do you sell?

Cue Packages, Sin Bin Cues and Reduced Items



How to re-tip a snooker cue with a laminated tip – Talisman Pro

In this video we take a brief look at how to fit a laminated tip and I have used a Talisman Pro for the video as I get lots of queries over delaminating.

Usually I get to try many tips on various cues so I can venture an opinion when customers are looking to change and I probably get more questions on delaminating tips than any other issue.

For me there are obviously the regular issues e.g.

  • The ferrule/wood surface isn’t completely flat
  • The base of the tip isn’t flat
  • The bottom laminate has been sanded unevenly so only a slight section remains prior to gluing
  • Poor quality glues used
  • Out of date or old glues used where the constituents are starting to separate
  • Too aggressive a sandpaper or poor technique used when shaping 
But, for me, the biggest issue I find is the top laminate pops out after shaping or pretty soon after some play on the table. When you try and obtain that semi circle / dime shape on the top of the tip you need to ensure that you don’t leave a tiny layer right in the centre as there really is very little to keep it in place once you start striking the cue ball.

If you look down on the tip you can see the various layers by the rings after you have shaped them, just try and ensure the upper most layer has a reasonably wide ring as this indicates that you have a decent amount of leather on the top layer.

The video will show an example on the Talisman Pro for those that use laminate tips.

As always, if you have other issues with them then please let me know as it’s always nice to consider some of the more unusual problems.

Although I have used the Talisman as an example, it is a pretty solid tip with a nice reaction when striking the cue ball so this is in no way an issue on the Talisman tips but more consistent with the way laminated tips are fitted by the user.



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Majestic Leather Cue Cases

As I said earlier, we are putting a lot of effort into finding some new leather choices for when we eventually open up to customers. This months we have continued to add some cases to stock but the main focus has been on obtaining some new colour choices from an Italian Leather supplier.

Some of the best leathers in the world come from Italy and we wanted to ensure we have a good choice of types and colours. What we didn’t factor in was delivery issues through Europe and customs due to the current climate.

With Brexit and Covid issues it hasn’t been unusual for many of our snooker equipment items to be slowed but disappointing when it’s the leather as it completely stops our progress to open up.

Fingers crossed, we should receive a new range early next week and then we will be straight into sewing and testing so all being well, we can offer more colours when choosing designs.

Most days we are getting customers looking for a custom made case and certain designs are requested more than others so we will have to keep an eye out for the more popular ones so we can get ahead on stock levels.

You will see on the website we still haven’t added any prices. The leather and materials we use are not the cheapest so we are still working on jigs and other help tools to try and reduce build times, hence labour rates rather than using lesser quality materials.

Although it cannot be seen, as a norm, we generally have around 7 layers of various materials supporting the cues and when it’s a patchwork case it can be up to 10 to get the feel we want. Obviously we could just stick a single piece of foam in there or even just turn the leather round and use the backing suede and don’t use any supporting materials as I have seen on the market at the higher end but we are trying to put heart and sole into the product as it’s something to enjoy producing rather than just a job!  

There certainly isn’t a great profit in this project when you look at hourly rates and it would be easy for us to use lesser materials to increase profit margins but we don’t want to go down this route.  

We are although still considering the potential to make one case with materials similar to other cases on the market between the 3 to £400 range so there is a price option with materials similar to other makes at that level. The jury is still out on this as I’m not sure if we should just stick to the case materials we prefer regardless, we’ll have to see how this progresses. 

In the images below we show 3 of the stock cases we have made this month. The last case is a 3/4 case and what you probably can’t see is the top section suede is closer to the surface than the lower section. This is specific to our 3/4 cases so the top section of the cue is held firm and doesn’t move around. Obviously the pieces of the cue and equipment are different diameters so have varied heights in the sections can only help keep everything a little more solid. 

If you want to follow progress you can catch up here:

I also stuck our progress up on Instagram (which I’m new to) and we swiftly seem to have gotten over 700 followers so if you are an Instagram person you can also see us here:  https://www.instagram.com/majestic_cue_cases/

Or of course Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/handmadeleathercuecases

Here’s a few images of our latest cases.

Link to Majestic Cue Cases



What cues do we sell?

We stock around 250 cues at any one times for the website but the focus is normally on our custom made Thai cues and the Taylor Made brand which have become very popular mainly as great value for money. If you don’t find the cue you are looking for on the website you can always ring us as we constantly have cues ready to go up onto the website. 

Here are a few useful links so you can see what in stock.

Even though we are in lockdown cues and cases are still selling steadily so although the images below give a good idea of what cues we have, some may have sold but feel free to contact us and we can give you a better idea. 

Cue Packages

We are in the process of changing stock at the moment so if you are interested in any items then don’t hesitate to let us know.

If it is a cue and case deal that interests you then as always, we can reduce the package slightly as we only have one postage to pay.

These are already going fast so drop me an email if you are interested so I can give you a current update on stocks levels.

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Budget Range Cue

Stock Clearout – Sin Bin Cues

Cues dropped by customers on-site over the last 2 years, slight marks or not perfectly straight. Great beginners cues or for kids starting out.

Once again,  hopefully you enjoyed a snapshot into our world.

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Next month we hope to bring you some good news on the progression of our custom made leather cue cases but you can also check us out on our Facebook button below if you want a sneak preview of case pics.

See you next month and stay safe everyone.

Marc Lockley


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