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potting the black ball

Potting The Black Ball

Potting The Black Ball РThis exercise is one of those that some players find a little boring and cannot really see the point but it is a strong exercise for the mind to keep potting black balls from different angles.

Working in this tight area helps the player appreciate shot after shot what they need to do to remain on the black ball for the next shot, it certainly pushes the player to try and keep things simple which is not easy as the exercise progresses.

Setting the exercise up

Potting The Black Ball:

  • Place the black ball on it’s spot
  • You can start by placing the white ball half way between the side rail and the black in a 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or full ball position (relative to the black)

Initial exercise suggestions

Potting The Black Ball:

  • Most people wanting to start simple try and start with a straight black into the corner pocket
  • Keep it simple and pot as many as you can
  • Initially try and play your shots without side (top, stun etc)
  • Keep a record of your total and where you start to break down.

Other points to consider

Potting The Black Ball:

As you get out of position you will start to use the side rail and maybe even have to go fully around the table to regain position.

You enjoy this simple (apparently) one!


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