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Potting Long Reds

Potting Long Reds

Potting Long Reds is a great exercise to help feel the shot when stunning the cue ball over a medium distance. This what we would call a ‘Door Opener’¬†shot that leaves you directly on the pink if carried out correctly.

Opportunities like this often crop up but require nice smooth cueing to ensure the cue ball stops where the red is and provides you with a good opportunity to open the door to a potential break.

Setting the exercise up

  • Place the pink ball on it’s spot
  • Place a red in line with the pink and the end pocket around about a foot from the pink
  • Directly on the line drawn through the end pocket and the red, place the white ball along this line half way between the blue and the baulk colours

Initial exercise suggestions

  • Cue the white ball slightly below centre
  • Aim to pot the red in the end pocket with stun
  • Ensure you stop the white ball where the red ball started so you are on the pink.
  • Try this with reds on both sides with 5 to 10 shots in each pocket

Other points to consider

If you struggle with this exercise then start the white ball about a foot from the red ball but on the line. As you get more consistent move it back down the line a foot at a time feeling the rhythm required to pot the red and stop the white ball.

Try and ensure you stay down on this shot until the red ball has dropped as many players move their head up when carrying out distance screw and stun shots.

Don’t forget to record your scores so you can keep an eye on your progress with each exercise and how fast you are improving.


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