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Potting Multiple Blue Balls

Potting Multiple Blue Balls

Potting Multiple Blue Balls is a great exercise to practice to get that touch right when the pink and black are tied up and there are a few reds around the blue spot. With only the blue open to pot this makes getting the right side of the blue a lot more important when you want to pick the next red off.

Sometimes too much emphasis is put on potting the blue and getting onto the next red, this is certainly a two shots ahead exercise that is harder than it looks! 


Setting the exercise up

Potting Multiple Blue Balls:

  • Set all the colours up on their spots so they get in the way if you get out of position.
  • Set 3 reds up either side of the blue spot in line with the brown and pink, see above

Initial exercise suggestions

Potting Multiple Blue Balls:

Place the white in a position to pot the red and to leave an angle to pot the blue and get on the next red.

This is a fine touch exercise where you want to try and not move the white ball too far.

If you get slightly out of position, try and aim at different parts of the pocket so you can create additional angles i.e. if you have left a straight pot then try aiming for one side of the pocket to create an angle (don’t forget to choose the right weight of shot if you do this!). 



Don’t forget to record your scores so you can keep an eye on your progress with each exercise and how fast you are improving.

If you start to find you are clearing the 6 reds then add another to either end as it will slowly increase the difficulty of the exercise the further the reds are from the blue spot.

Good luck and above all, enjoy your practice time!


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