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Snooker Cues

Since 2015 we have featured our various ranges of Snooker Cues on the Snooker Crazy website. Whether you are looking to purchase a snooker cue or a starter snooker cue and case set we should have something that suits your needs. If you would like a more in-depth explanation of our snooker cues then please go to the bottom of the page where we discuss each brand.

Snooker Cues

In 2015 we decided to add a snooker cues website in addition to our local cue sales and we have gone from strength to strength since then. We supply many brands of cues to suit each customers requirements and purchase from various countries. We are always striving to obtain the best type of cue for the money spent and most cues are refinished and re-tipped once arriving in our workshop. Having mixed cue oils, waxes and grain fillers for many years we like to ensure that silky cue shaft on all our cues so everything cue gets some tender love and care regardless of price range. All our cues have their factory tips replaced as standard with a recognised top of the range brand cue tip so each cue is ready to play.

Snooker Cues - Thai Range

Our Thai range hand made snooker cues are generally made from scratch to our custom specifications and then shipped to our workshop here in the Uk. From here we fine sand every cue and finish them to our preferred requirements. From here, each cue is then re-tipped, badged, measured and then uploaded to our stocks. These are a top quality cue and similar cues are often seen for more than twice the price with different badges in them. Thai Snooker Cues

Snooker Cues - Majestic 147 Range

Our Majestic 147 Cues are part made in Cambodia and Thailand (depending on woods) and then shipped to our workshop here in the Uk. From here we complete all the finishing and sanding processes on all snooker cues to ensure we achieve the required finish for each particular wood. Tips are then fitted to complete the process. These are a mid range priced cue but they are a lot of cue for the money as each is hand made. Majestic 147 Snooker Cues

Snooker Cues - Taylor Made Collection

Supplied by Gary Taylor, these cues are finished to a high specification in his Uk workshop and then supplied to us with a Taylor Made medium cue tip ready for play. You can either purchase these as a cue only or as part of a cue and case set. They are available in many weights. These snooker cues are all a high quality firm AAAA (4) Cue Shaft with a silky smooth finish. Taylor Made Snooker Cues

Snooker Cues - LP Starter Snooker Cues

We have been lucky enough to buy a sizeable amount of these cues to add to our starter cues collection. All the snooker cues are what we call a selected shaft so hand picked by ourselves prior to purchase. Once in our workshop we completely take each cue through a further set of sanding grades to ensure the cues are super smooth and then they are treated individually with our own wax/oil mix until completely dry and silky. Al factory tips are removed and we fit a high quality Taylor Made Medium cue tip. These cues are not like others of the same brand as the best have been selected by us and gone through our own extensive finishing treatment in our Uk workshop and then re-tipped which is unheard of at this price! It has to be said that these are a really good value for money snooker cue / snooker cue and case set. LP Starter Sets

Snooker Cues - Starter Snooker Cue and Case Sets

We have available some really good cue and case sets for those players wishing to take the game up. The sets are superb value for money and each cue has been finished in our workshop and re-tipped so these are not to be confused with mass produced cue sets with rock hard tips barely seeing any oil on the cue shaft and no, none of them are lacquered. You are always best to give us a call as we turn over a lot of the starter sets due to their value so we have a lot more in stock than what we can show on the website. As you can see, we have a lot of cues in stock as this is the main part of our business. So, if you are looking for a cue or cue and case set then why not give us a call and se what we have in stock. All Starter Sets