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Snooker cues are made in various ways from machine spliced to hand spliced to handmade with various opinions on which is the best method.

Handmade snooker cues ( Hand Made snooker cues) are accepted in the snooker cue making industry as the best snooker cues due to the care and close attention made to making the snooker cue.

Some debate is always present around whether the use of an electric plane, band saw, planer thicknesser, snooker cue jigs, lathe, cnc machine, bench sander, vertical tapering lathe, copying lathe etc etc contradicts the cue making process and renders the finished article a machine made cue.

Some cue makers (we are not cue makers) use what’s known as cue blanks (ready made tapered shafts, some with ebony splices already fitted) and just add a top splice to the cue, re-finish it and then consider it a hand made snooker cue, this is where the debate can get messy.

Do any of these things affect the way the cue plays? Probably not but the frustration comes in how much a cue is sold for when it is not fully made by hand, that’s where the debate continues to be up for discussion.

We only sell cues we believe to be as much hand made as possible and if not then we advertise them as a machine made / spliced cue.

Our prices are not in the upper end of the market not because we feel the cues don’t deserve to be there but they reflect the price we pay and we do not uplift those prices for exorbitant and unrealistic profits which we feel certainly takes place in the industry.

We sell cues made in Thailand which we feel certainly reflect quality and would be a lot more expensive if made in this country. The cues are finished in this country, badged and tipped to ensure they have that smooth finish expected in the UK.

We could certainly uplift the price to reflect what others charge but we would like to supply a product at a reasonable price that people can pay, for a reasonable profit and support this great game we all love.

If you have any questions regarding our cue stock we will be only too glad to give you an opinion!

Thanks for reading.

Marc Lockley

Snooker Crazy

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