Snooker Crazy – How to Videos

Every now and again we receive emails as to how we would do something or general questions that could be explained easier by video. The videos are not meant to be a definitive this is how something must be done but just our view on how we do it or a cheaper way for those who don’t have expensive tools such as a lathe to cut a snooker ferrule. If you have some ideas or tips that may be useful to other snooker fanatics out there then don’t hesitate to let us know via the contact form and we will of course upload put together a video when time permits. We hope you enjoy the videos as we put them together.

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Cleaning a Cue Shaft

How to Make a Brass Snooker Cue Ferrule

Polishing Your Snooker Cue Butt

Changing Leather Cue Case Cheney Latches

How to Re Tip a Snooker Cue – Long Version

How to change a snooker cue tip – Short Version

How to re tip a snooker cue with a laminated tip – Talisman Pro

How to Remove Lacquer from your Snooker Cue Shaft

Finishing a Snooker Cue – Sanding Process

Finishing a Snooker Cue – Oiling Process

How to Fit and Shape a Mushroom Snooker Tip

Removing scratches from an acrylic badge

How to Fit and Shape a Mushroom Snooker Tip




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