How to care for your snooker cue

Snooker Cue Care – Do’s

  • Store your cue vertically or in a level case
  • Only use 0000 steel wool only very occasionally (or never) to lightly to remove dirt and grime
  • Use 0000 steel wool to clean brass ferrule and bring back to life
  • Look down a cue shaft with one eye to check straightness and turn the cue slowly
  • Use a dry (or slightly damp) micro fibre towel to clean your cue and immediately dry it
  • Buff your cue with a duster until the wood is warm to clean
  • Re-oil your cue periodically to protect the wood (not lacquered cues)
  • Re-grain your cue if grain filler has fallen out
  • Protect your tip in the case to ensure it doesn’t get damaged by loose objects e.g. light meter coins
  • Use a tip mate tool to remove compacted chalk

Snooker Cue Care – Dont’s

  • Lean your cue against a wall as it could warp the cue
  • Cues can warp when exposed to temperature or humidity changes as follows:
    • Never leave your cue in a car
    • Never place near a radiator
    • Never leave in direct sunlight or conservatories
    • Never leave in damp atmospheres
  • Banging your cue on the ground can fracture or break the base of your cue
  • Avoid sanding dents out of the cue as you could create flats
  • Catching the ferrule with sandpaper on re-tipping can reduce ferrule and tip size
  • Don’t store lose implements in your cue case that could damage your shaft
  • Do not roll your cue across the table to check straightness
  • Do not use a wet cloth to clean your cue as the water may soak into the wood

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