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Snooker Challenge Ladder

Organiser: ???? (name) – Contact on xxxx (tel) in case of any queries or match problems

What is the Snooker Ladder?

‘The Snooker Challenge Ladder’ is a league designed to help players improve their snooker skills and meet different players on a regular basis and enjoy the game. It is open to all club members from beginners to the highly skilled.

Snooker Ladder Rules:

  1. All matches shall follow the ‘WPBSA Rules of Snooker.’
  2. A player may challenge any player who is no more than 3 rungs above the challenger on the snooker ladder. To issue a challenge, the challenger should contact the player via e-mail or phone. If the challenged player does not have a match currently scheduled, he/she should accept the challenge. The match should preferably be played within 7 days, but if the challenged player cannot setup a match within 10 days, he/she forfeits the match. Both players should make every effort to schedule the match, keeping in mind that everyone has a busy schedule.
  3. The scheduled match should be played even if there is movement within the ladder between the time the match was scheduled and the time it is played.
  4. A challenged player will not be required to play more than one match per week.

* If a second challenge occurs within the same week, the challenged player may refuse the challenge until the next week.

  1. It is mandatory to play a minimum of one match per week (as a challenger or challenged). Failure to do so will yield a loss of one place in the ranking.
  2. If the lower-ranked player beats the higher ranked, then the lower-ranked player moves up to the higher-ranked player’s position on the ladder. The higher-ranked player and everyone below he/she then moves down one rung to fill the space. One of the players should complete the challenge report soon after the match so the ladder can be updated and kept current.

Your submission of the match result will be displayed on the ????????.

  1. Matches should be the best of ???? frames.
  2. New players who join the ladder may issue two “free” challenges against anyone on the ladder except the top three players. If both of these matches are lost, he/she must join the ladder at the bottom rung. Or the player may elect to simply join the ladder at the bottom rung without any challenges.

Contact (name) for more information on 00000 000000 (tel) or xxxx@xxxxxxxxx (email)

  1. The names may be split into more than one division if there are sufficient names where the top xx names will go into a play off to determine the overall winner.
  2. Have fun!

Snooker Challenge Ladder Entry

Entry fee: £??.??                              Prizes: ????                        (entry fees to be paid to ??????)

Entry Closing Date: ????                                Draw Date: ????

Ladder start date: ????                  Ladder Finish Date: ????               Handicaps: Yes / No

******** Only enter if you are available for matches at least once a week ********

Name Contact Number Paid (tick)


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