Snooker Table Maintenance Tips – Simple tips on caring for your snooker tables

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We have listed some tips that will help you maintain your tables in tip top condition to ensure they last longer and are as good as they can be for the serious players using them.

Responsible People

  1. Try and ensure you find like minded people to upkeep your tables who are as keen as you are.
  2. Agree a maintenance interval schedule so you can gauge the benefits to playing conditions.
  3. Always try and recruit the people that work in the club as they have a vested interest in table conditions.


  1. Ensure you have advisory notices for the following:
  • No eating near the tables
  • Wash hands (especially greasy hands) prior to play
  • Never put drinks on the rail or cloth
  • Use the same coloured chalk as the cloth
  • Never toss the coin on the cloth
  • Sitting on the rails can damage the rail rubbers

Brushing tables – Ensure you have a selection of suitable brushed for each task

  1. Brush the top of the cushions all round the table to start.
  2. Brush under the cloth at the baulk end.
  3. Brush from the baulk end toward the black rail as straight as possible lifting the brush at the end of the stroke.
  4. Ensure you brush the whole playing area and that you follow the nap all the time.
  5. Brush under the side rails toward the black rail until all the side dust is on that rail.
  6. Brush under the black rail toward one of the pockets until all the remaining dust is off the table.
  7. Wipe the rails with a duster to ensure hands will not capture the dust and place it back on the playing surface.

Blocking Tables – Ensure you use a recognised, suitable bloc

  1. Block from the baulk cushion toward the black rail, start on one of the side rails and take down table in a straight line.
  2. Overlap the line as you start at the baulk end again.
  3. Continue until the whole playing area has been blocked.

Ironing the tables – Ensure you have a suitable well know iron made for snooker / billiards table

  1. Do not use household irons, the iron must be fit for purpose and designed to carry out this task on cue sport cloths.
  2. Let your iron heat up to the recommended level.
  3. To test the iron’s temperature is suitable, test it on news paper and if it scorches then it is too hot.

* Please note:
If you use a thermostatic iron then when you agree the correct temperature, record it and mark the correct setting on the iron for others to see.

  1. Unplug the iron.
  2. As per the block above, start one side and follow the side rail in the direction of the nap; baulk end to black spot rail.
  3. Repeat this slightly overlapping each time until the whole playing surface is completed.

* Please note:
Never leave the iron in one spot; from when you place it on the surface, move it in the required direction so it doesn’t burn an section of the cloth.

  1. Place the iron back on the heat resistant stand made for the iron.

Snooker Table Maintenance Tips

Note: The above are all advisory notes and we do not any responsibility or liability for them, they are just our opinions.

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