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How to Change a Snooker Tip

How to Change a Snooker Tip

How to Change a Snooker Tip How to Change a Snooker Tip – If you are looking for a steer on how to change a snooker cue tip then this video should get you off to a good start. Within the video I try and answer as many questions sent to me via email, Facebook […]

How to Retip a Snooker Cue

How to Retip a snooker cue

How to Retip a Snooker Cue I love this topic as there are many ways to retip a snooker cue and even since doing this video I probably do it a number of different way depending on the tip I’m fitting. The video will, however, give you an insight into how to fit a tip […]

Elkmaster Milk Dud Cue Tips

snooker crazy - milk dud cue tips - elkmaster snooker tips - 2

  Well I hope you enjoyed a little look into how to make ‘Milk Dud Cue Tips’ from an Elkmaster Cue Tip. You can find all the items to give this a go on the Snooker Crazy Website if it takes your fancy but either way, when you see this type of cue tip on the […]

Leather Snooker Tips


Well I guess you’d like to know how it played? Well I don’t mind telling you that I was a little surprised how well the tip played. I felt it would probably be reasonably good but the tip had a superb grip which I wasn’t really prepared for. It screwed the ball excellently and took […]

Cue Tip Press

snooker-crazy-how to press a snooker tip

Obviously we haven’t gone too deeply into the operation of a cue tip press but we have written a further article to show compression rates and what effect it has on cue tip sizes and hardness. If you would like to view our cue tip replacement equipment then please click here. If you would like […]