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What happens when Snooker Players lose their temper?

Well obviously we all react to situations in different ways and pressure is personal. Having seen those tempers flare at local league is bad enough but how much more pressure is in the pot when you’re playing to put food on the table?

From personal experience, I’ve seen some interesting reactions to pressure, here are I have been part of when snooker players lose their temper:

  • Punching and even head butting the side rail after missing a few shots
  • Numerous cue throwing incidents from players all ages
  • Smashing the cue butt into the floor and even furniture
  • Head butting team mates for missing a crucial match pot
  • Player snapping a borrowed cue after losing a money game
  • A losing player covering the table whilst an opposition player is cueing a blue for a 60 break

I’m sure we have all seen things over the years so I thought I’d post some videos of the professionals so we don’t feel alone when it comes to keeping your cool.

When snooker players lose their temper – It’s not exclusive!

Well this set of clips really does show that even the otherwise renowned ‘Cool’ snooker players lose it occasionally. Snooker’s a really tough game mentally and when the pressures on it can really test you when things just happen to tilt you over the edge. When professional matches last as long as they do, how hard must it be to stay calm. Let us know what you think, felt a little sorry for Tony Drago at 4-4.


When snooker players lose their temper – Parris Cues are very flexible

Well I’ve had some debates over the years with cue makers as regards the flexibility of cues, there’s a nice little clip at the end of the video as Ronnie helps us understand how much, just don’t do this and catch it at the top of the cue, not sure it’s as flexible there!


When snooker players lose their temper – A frustrating game? Oh yes……

Jimmy White gives a little feedback on his cue throw and an insight into when snooker players lose their temper. After losing 7 World Snooker Finals you gotta love the guy, he loves snooker for what it is and it must be truly frustrating to miss what are ‘Bread and Butter’ pots to him…..



Well I hope you enjoyed some of the clips, a difficult game to keep your cool in but it’s great when it’s going well!

Let us know what you think and if you have any examples of your own to add to our list.

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