World Snooker Champions – Pre 1969

The road to becoming a ‘World snooker Champion’ has taken various routes over the years to capture that illustrious crown.

Up to 1969 (the modern era of snooker as it is recognised), snooker was slowly replacing billiards as the number one cue game on the full sized table. With Joe Davis dominating the early years the competition eventually transformed into a challenge match format until the modern day competition was introduced in 1969.

So, who is the greatest player pre 1969? Well I think it is undoubtedly Joe Davis (England) who captured the most World Titles by far.

Here is a list of ‘World Snooker Champions’ pre 1969:

World Snooker Champions – Pre 1969

Year Winner Nationality Key
1927  Joe Davis England WSC
1928  Joe Davis England WSC
1929  Joe Davis England WSC
1930  Joe Davis England WSC
1931  Joe Davis England WSC
1932  Joe Davis England WSC
1933  Joe Davis England WSC
1934  Joe Davis England WSC
1935  Joe Davis England WSC
1936  Joe Davis England WSC
1937  Joe Davis England WSC
1938  Joe Davis England WSC
1939  Joe Davis England WSC
1940  Joe Davis England WSC
1946  Joe Davis England WSC
1947 Walter Donaldson Scotland  WSC
1948 Fred Davis England  WSC
1949 Fred Davis England  WSC
1950 Walter Donaldson Scotland  WSC
1951 Fred Davis England  WSC
1952 Horace Lindrum Australia  WSC
1952 Fred Davis England  MPC
1953 Fred Davis England  MPC
1954 Fred Davis England  MPC
1955 Fred Davis England  MPC
1956 Fred Davis England  MPC
1957 John Pulman England  MPC
1964 John Pulman England  CM
1964 John Pulman England  CM
1965 John Pulman England  CM
1965 John Pulman England  CM
1965 John Pulman England  CM
1966 John Pulman England  CM
1968 John Pulman England  CM

Key to World Snooker Champions

WSC: World Snooker Championship

MPC: Match Play Championship

CM: Challange Matches

World Snooker Champions – 1969 onwards (Modern Day)