January 2021


Hello Everyone!

Well, another month and we’re all back to lockdown with clubs having to shut their doors again. It’s certainly a tough time for many and sadly quite a few will not re-open. I’m told that some players who have lost clubs will now have to travel reasonable distances to be able to continue playing whereas they used to walk to the club, a sad state of affairs and shows how times differ from 30 years ago when there were many smaller clubs with tables dotted everywhere..

I guess the virus has pushed many struggling businesses over the edge and it is now testing the more robust and established ones, we can only hope that they can hold out in the interim whilst the vaccine is administered.

Difficult times for all, that’s for sure.



Cue Maintenance Videos
What is it and do I need to use a tip press?
Majestic Custom Cases Project Progress
What cues do you sell?

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How to Shape a Crown Tip

In this video we take a look at how to shape a trumpet or crown tip. If any one isn’t familiar with what this is then it is basically a tip that’s playing area on the dome is wider than that of the ferrule; between the two areas the side wall of the tip is slanted. Specifically it saves the player changing their cue because the tip diameter is insufficient for their personal needs.

Lots of players will have the tip end of the shaft cut back until the shaft diameter suits them and if they don’t like the fact they have a shorter cue they can have it extended; or, they can fit and try a trumpet tip which seems a reasonable first step. 

A good example of a player who uses this is Barry Hawkins. If you would like to take a look you can find a picture of his cue tip (and others) here:  https://www.snookercrazy.com/snooker-tip-shapes/

The video as usual is a little more in-depth rather than just doing it so anyone who struggles and wants to have a go can get the most out of it. I hope you find it of some use, feel free to subscribe if you do.





What is it and do I need to use a tip press?

Well this takes me back to the 1980’s a bit. In those days I really only had the choice of a Blue Diamond or Elkmaster tips locally as the internet obviously didn’t exist. Personally I always liked the Blue Diamond so that became my tip of choice at the time.

The only issues with the old tips is you had to play them in each time you fitted a new one so they would compress enough to give you what was considered to be a reasonable and consistent strike.

My first encounter with learning this was popping into the snooker room around the early 80’s and seeing a county player driving his tip into the wall as many times as he could: apparently this was common practice to speed the process up. His view at the time was that he could do this in the off season, play them in a little and then cut them off for spares. If he then required a tip change mid season he had suitable tips closer to what he needed without all the the pain of waiting for it to compress. 

Other guys would use a workshop vice to compress the tip and then fit the tip and some would soak them in their own remedy and stick them in the oven!! Lots of different ways to achieve the same purpose.

In the States, pool players used to soak their tips in milk and then compress them as it changed the way the tip played, gave them more grip and made the whole structure more solid but I think that’s for another time.

What have players done since those days?

Well it’s fair to say that tips have moved on a lot and there is so much choice nowadays it can be easily confusing.

Obviously we now have a choice between laminated (multi layers) and pressed (single layer) tips so players can easily find a tip that has a suitable compression, grip and feel, or so you would hope!

Many manufacturer’s nowadays have already graded the hardness of their tips so this has certainly helped ensure you have the best possible chance of popping a tip on that has the same characteristics than the last one.

But, what if you like a tip but they’re not graded for hardness?

Well, that’s where a tip press comes in as you can pop your tip in the press, wind the compression a little tighter, leave it over night (or a few hours) and this will help do the job for you.

Although it can take a little trial and error you can measure the original height of the tips and work out how much compression you need (or turns of the press) and then replicate it next time.

For me, there’s a strong argument for just buying a graded more modern tip as all the work has been done for you. Realistically, that’s what you’re paying the extra for as generally an un-compressed standard tip is a lot cheaper.

Now I change a lot of tips in the season and what’s clear is that although many players use the more modern tips, there are still the die hard players that have always used the older pressed ones and nothing will move them on; generally the core of these players are very good so who’s to say they are wrong!

If you’d like to read a bit more on tip presses then you can have a look here:


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Majestic Leather Cue Cases

Well, another month has passed and I am a little further forward toward establishing a custom made leather case making business. My aim was to try and be ready to start by late January / early February 2021 and I think I should be ready for early Feb so, fingers crossed things stay on course with suppliers etc.

I knew after the first week of lockdown that this wasn’t going to be a straight forward project but I’ve been playing at it for the past 4 years on and off so I’m glad I eventually buckled down and have made much progress since locking myself in the workshop. 

Thankfully, the website is pretty much done and up and running. Now, I just have to add a few more case projects, some videos on case maintenance and of course, prices. If you want to take a look at how I’ve got on then by all means pop over to take a look:  https://handmadeleathercuecases.co.uk/ 

I also stuck our progress up on Instagram (which I’m new to) and we swiftly seem to have gotten over 700 followers so if you are an Instagram person you can also see us here:  https://www.instagram.com/majestic_cue_cases/

Last months focus was to try to develop the workshop a little more towards case making with jigs and having the tools to hand on the walls, although I have made progress it was slowed by an unusual late demand for Xmas cues, no I’m not complaining! I also wanted to focus on developing a new internal patchwork design using a heavy duty suede rather than the industry standard pig skin suede. There is a massive difference between the two so if requested we can fit the pigskin but our ‘go to’ suede is definitely going to be the more thicker one as it is clearly a step up in quality and feel. Interestingly this week I have been asked by 2 different customers if I can replace the insides of their cases which couldn’t have come at a better time. I was comparing the two to see what to settle on so I had a chance to see the structure of their cases; both the cases were +£500 so I guess I might be seeing a few more of that particular range so I may also consider case repairs, we’ll have to see as postage isn’t cheap.

As usual we are still investigating new leather types but this will unfortunately have to be on hold until ‘lock-down’ is over so I can get back in the car and travel; it’s far better to see and feel the the hides.

In addition, it seems that many people like the brass bumpers on their cases so I have been adding some to our latest one for people to view; hopefully this week I should receive some flat stainless bar so I can go about making some stainless bumpers to suit the chrome catches.

With a bit of luck we will be close to starting by the time the next newsletter comes out.

Enjoy the pics below.

Link to Majestic Cue Cases



What cues do we sell?

We stock around 250 cues at any one times for the website but the focus is normally on our custom made Thai cues and the Taylor Made brand which have become very popular mainly as great value for money. If you don’t find the cue you are looking for on the website you can always ring us as we constantly have cues ready to go up onto the website. 

Here are a few useful links so you can see what in stock.

Here are a few pictures to wet your appetite!

Cue Packages

We are in the process of changing stock at the moment so if you are interested in any items then don’t hesitate to let us know.

If it is a cue and case deal that interests you then as always, we can reduce the package slightly as we only have one postage to pay.

These are already going fast so drop me an email if you are interested so I can give you a current update on stocks levels.

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The Walter Lindrum below (24) has now gone!

Budget Range Cue

Stock Clearout – Sin Bin Cues

Cues dropped by customers on-site over the last 2 years, slight marks or not perfectly straight. Great beginners cues or for kids starting out.

Next Month

Well hopefully you enjoyed a snapshot into our world.

If you do not already subscribe to this newsletter but would like to then you can sign up on the ‘Newsletter Subscribe‘ button below. 

Next month we hope to bring you some good news on the progression of our custom made leather cue cases but you can also check us out on our Facebook button below if you want a sneak preview of case pics.

See you next month and stay safe everyone.

Marc Lockley


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